Christina Roman

Christina is the Graduate Student President of UCSACNAS since 2017. A third year in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics PhD Program at the University of Chicago, she works with Dr. Joe Piccirilli to engineer FABs to study secondary structures in RNA.

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Christian Porras

A second-year student at the University of Chicago, Christian is our Undergraduate President since 2017. In addition to his studies in Biological Chemistry and Statistics, he works with Dr. Dmitry Kondrashov performing statistical analysis of protein sequence evolution.

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Juan Manuel Vazquez

The UCSACNAS Treasurer since 2017, Manny is a third-year in the Human Genetics Program of the University of Chicago. Working with Dr. Vincent J Lynch, he studies the evolution of cancer resistance in Elephants, Bats, and the Bowhead Whale.

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Jay Pittman

A third-year Graduate Student in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Program, Jay is our Business Operations Manager. When he is not working on the various initiatives within UCSACNAS, he studies amyloid protein aggregation using NMR and other biophysical techniques.

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Selina Baeza Loya

A second-year Graduate Student in the Neurobiology program, Selina is our Secretary since 2017. She is currently investigating the constitutive ionic properties that allow neurons to encode diverse sensory information, using vestibular ganglion neurons and their firing patterns as a model system for ionic basis of sensory encoding.

Meike Lobb-Rabe

A first-year Graduate Student, Meike is our Business Operations Manager since 2017. Broadly interested in neural development, her research goals are to incorporate cell and molecular techniques to probe questions about how the nervous system achieves specificity during development, and how circuits are wired together.