[Jujutsu Kaisen] Spoiler for chapter 138! Naobito dies! Yuta Okkotsu and Naoya go after Yuji!

[Jujutsu Kaisen] Spoiler for chapter 138! Naobito dies! Yuta Okkotsu and Naoya go after Yuji! Jujutsu-Kaisen Spoilers

In this article we will talk about the spoiler information of the 138th chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen.

We learn more about Yuta Okkotsu, who finally made his appearance in episode 137. And then the situation of the Zen’in family including Naobito, and the recent developments of Yuji Itadori and Choso in chapter 138.

So we first learn about the latest developments in the Zen’in family.

What you can learn from this article
  • The spoilers of chapter 138
  • The latest situation of Zen’in family
  • The latest situation of Yuji and Choso

This article contains spiler of Jujutsu-Kaisen

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[Jujutsu Kaisen] Chapter 138 Spoilers! Naobito Zen’in is dead!

From the description in chapter 138, it was revealed that the 26th head of the Zen’in family, Naobito Zen’in, died due to the damage the battle in Shibuya Incident.


Naobito lost his right arm in the “Horizon of the Captivating Skandha”, domain expansion of the special grade cursed spirit “Dagon“.

After that, Dagon was exorcised with the help of Toji Fushiguro’s intervention, but soon after that, Jogo appeared.

Kento Nanami, Maki Zen’in and Naobito Zen’in, who were all wounded in the battle with Dagon, were burned by Jogo one after another and became incapacitated on the spot.


In addition to the damage caused by the flames of Jogo, the loss of his right arm in the battle of Dagon caused him to bleed profusely, and it was in this battle that he lost his life.

[Jujutsu Kaisen] Chapter 138 Spoilers! Who’s the new head of the Zen’in family?

[Jujutsu Kaisen] Chapter 138 Spoilers! Who's the new head of the Zen'in family?(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

In chapter 138, with the death of Naobito Zen’in, the first choice for the new head of the Zen’in family is Naoya Zen’in, the son of Naovito.

As a member of the uptight Zen’in family, Naoya’s behaviour was very light-hearted, and he was condescending even to Ogi Zen’in and Jinichi Zen’in, who were both 1st-grade sorcerers.


Then, in accordance with the will of Naobito, Naoya inherited the entire estate, including the cursed tools complemented by the storage of technical college and the storage of Zen’in family.

However, in the last proviso of the will, there were some surprising words.

[Jujutsu Kaisen] Chapter 138 Spoilers! Megumi Fushiguro becomes the head of the Zen’in family!

At the end of Naobito’s last will and testament, which was revealed in chapter 138.

If Satoru Gojo has died or become mentally incapacitated for any reason, a written agreement concluded with Toji Fushiguro will welcome Megumi Fushiguro into the Zen’in clan.
Whereupon he shall become the head of the Zen’in clan, and all assets shall pass to him.

It said that in the event of Gojo’s death or incapacity, Megumi Fushiguro would become the head of the Zen-in family.

It seems that Megumi’s father, Toji, and Naobito had made such a pact.


When Naoya heard that Megumi was on a mission to find Yuji, he was naturally very angry and said,

I’ll kill both of them.

Maki Zen’in is almost dead!

Naobito died, and Kento Nanami also died when he encountered Mahito after being burned by Jogo.

And although Maki survived, she still seems to be mortally wounded due to the deep damage caused by Jogo.

[Jujutsu Kaisen] Chapter 138 Spoilers! A Conversation Between Yuki Tsukumo, Yuji Itadori and Fumio

On the other hand, the second half of chapter 138 shows the situation of Yuji Itadori and Choso.

Yuki Tsukumo told Yuji and the others about Kenjaku’s plot.

Sorry for not acting sooner.
The situation had reached a point where I thought I should temporarily just keep an eye on things.


Yuki Tsukumo has a different agenda than the technical colloge, as she is looking for a “cure” for the cursed spirits.

So she is not the enemy of the technical college though, she is not on the side of technical college.


And although Yuji and his Choso were enemies in the past, they are now on the same side because they realize that Yuji is one of Choso’s brothers, even though he is his brother’s avenger.

Furthermore, Yuji, though his body had been taken over by Sukuna, had killed many people in Shibuya, so

I can’t be with everyone anymore.

and he had no intention to go back to the technical college.

Yuji Itadori and Choso are exorcising the cursed spirits.

Chapter 138 depicts the world after some time has passed since the Shibuya Incident, Tokyo is in a state of destruction due to the acts of Geto(Kenjaku), and Japan is overflowing with cursed spirits.

Even now, Yuji and Choso are trying to reduce the number of cursed spirits by exorcising them.

Choso and Yuji are true brothers?

And by the way, Yuji asked Choso .

Are you fine with it?
I also killed your little brothers.

Then Choso replied as

It’s fine.
That was a misunderstanding.
If Eso and Kechizu were in my place, they would say the same thing.
It isn’t about forgiving or not forgiving.
Brothers are just like that.

And so, he dismissed the fact that Yuji killed his brothers.

It seems that he recognises Yuji as his “younger brother” and will continue to fight with him to protect him.


Although the number of enemies is increasing, such as Yuta Okkotsu and Naoya Zen’in, it is reassuring to know that Chso is on Yuji’s side.

[Jujutsu Kaisen] Chapter 138 Spoilers! Yuji Itadori is targeted by Yuta Okkotsu and Naoya Zentoin

The situation is moving rapidly after the Shibuya Incident, and according to the description in chapter138, Yuji is targeted by Yuta Okkotsu and also by Naoya ZenIin.

The main objective of Naoya Zen’in is rather to kill Megumi Fushikuro, but it seems that the intentions of various characters will be involved in the future.

Conclusion of “[Jujutsu Kaisen] Spoiler for chapter 138! Naobito dies! Yuta Okkotsu and Naoya go after Yuji!”

In this article, we talked about the spoilers information of the 138th chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen.

In chapter 137, Yuta Okkotsu was appointed as the executioner of Yuji Itadori, and in chapter 138, things are going to get more chaotic with the arrival of the new head of the Zen’in family.

Yuji and Choso continue to hunt for the cursed spirits, but without an organization like the the technical college to back them up, I fear for their future.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens from chapter 138 onwards.

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