[Jujutsu Kaisen] Nanami’s death scene in chapter 120! Is he back in the future?

Jujutsu Kaisen Nanami's death scene Kento Nanami

This article explains the death scene of Nanami Kento, aka Nanamin, in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Nanami was working with the team of Naobito Zen’in and Maki Zen’in in the Shibuya Incident, where he encountered the special grade cursed spirit, Dagon.

The Shibuya Incident is a severe event where they never know when they will encounter an enemy of Dagon’s level, and even a sorcerer of Nanami’s level can easily die.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Nanami’s death scene in chapter 120, as well as some of his previous death flags and chances of survival.

What you can learn from this article
  • Nanami’s death scene
  • Nanami’s past death flags
  • Nanami’s chances of survival

This article contains spiler of Jujutsu-Kaisen

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[Jujutsu Kaisen] The scene of Kento Nanami’s death is the 120th chapter of the 14th volume of the manga!

The shocking scene of Nanami’s death occurred during the Shibuya Incident.

We’ll start by looking back at Nanami’s battles and activities during the Shibuya Incident, and explain the events leading up to the death scene.

Nanami overwhelmed Haruta Shigemo

Nanami overwhelmed Haruta Shigemo(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

During the Shibuya Incident, Haruta Shigemo was hunting Kiyotaka Ijichi and other assistant directors.

He also foght with Nobara Kugisaki, but due to Haruta Shigemo’s special technique, he was about to kill her.


In such a battle situation, Nanami rushed to the scene in the 100th chapter of the 12th volume of the manga.

Haruta was taking it easy, but he lost his will to fight when he was hit by Nanami’s overwhelming first punch, and the second punch sent him into the wall, and the third punch sent him through the wall of the building and out of the scene.

By the way, the first punch of Nanami would have killed Haruta, but thanks to Shigemo’s “Miracle Storing Technique”, he survived the second and third punches without dying.

Nanami lost his left eye in the battle of Dagon.

Nanami lost his left eye in the battle of Dagon.(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

During the Shibuya Incident, Nanami was working with Naobito Zen’in and Maki Zen’in, and encountered Dagon in the station.

The 1st-grade sorcerer of Naobito Zen’in and Nanami Kento, and the 4th-grade sorcerer, and Maki Zen’in joined forces to beat up Dagon, but the situation was reversed when they were drawn into his domain expansion “Horizon of the Captivating Skandha“.

Dagon’s unavoidable technique, “Death swarm“, causes serious injuries to Naobito Zen’in, who was missing his right arm, and Nanami, who was missing his left eye, but they managed to hold on without dying.


After that, Megumi Fushiguro rushed to the rescue and pushed the situation back, and with the intervention of Toji Fushiguro, they were able to exorcise Dagon.

Nanami was nearly killed by Jogo

Nanami was nearly killed by Jogo(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

After the irregularity of Toji Fushiguro’s intrusion, they had finally defeated Dagon.

But next moment, in the 111th chapter of the 13th volume of the manga, they encountered Jogo.

Jogo talked to the corpse of Dagon and remembered him, and the next moment he flied at Nanami with super speed and shoots him with fire.

This blow almost killed Nanami, and he was seriously injured.

Incidentally, both Maki and Naobito are burned to near-death by Jogo.

Nanami’s death flag

Nanami's death flag(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Nanami, who had been seriously hit by Jogo’s flame technique, woke up in chapter 120 of volume 14 of the manga and was walking around the station in a daze.

The left half of his body was badly burned, and the damage to his body is so severe that he was on the verge of dying, and he couln’t seem to think properly.


In the meantime, Nanami, who came across a large number of modified humans, sighed and said,

Yeah, Malaysia…
Kuantan would be nice.Build a house on a secluded beach.
Finally get around the countless books I’ve bought but never read.
Go through them page by pege…
Kinda like taking back the time I’ve lost.

It’s the same level of death flag as “I’m going to get married when this battle is over.”, and it’s a scene that had many fans screaming in their hearts.


And as Nanami knocksed down a large number of modified humans in front of him while raising a lot of death flags, his thoughts became clouded.

No, right you’re…
You’re heading over to save Fushiguro…
But what about Maki and Naobito?
What happened to them?
I’m tired.
So tired.
Yeah, I’m just tired.
I’ve done enough, haven’t I?

Nanami encountered Mahito and died.

While thinking about various things, Nanami annihilated the modified human who was there, and then suddenly appeared Mahito‘s right hand on her body.

Mahito’s technique “Idle transfiguration“, which will kill anyone if be touched, but he didn’t activate it right away.

Because this was the third time he had met Nanami, and he talked to Nanami a little.

Wanna chat?We go way back, after all.


At the time of his death, Nanami saw a vision of his late best friend, Yu Haihara.

He was pointing towards Yuji Itadori, who had rushed to the scene, and urged Nanami to say a few last words.


Nanami encountered Mahito and died(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Nanami said in his mind, “No, Haibara. That’s not right. I can’t say that to him. It’ll just end up becoming a curse for him“, he restrained himself, but finally he said his last words to Yuji.

You’ve got it from here.

With these words, the upper half of Nanami’s body bursted due to Mahito’s “Idle transfiguration”, which is the scene of Nanamin’s shocking death.

It was such a shocking death scene that Nanami fans lost the will to read further…

[Jujutsu Kaisen] Nanami’s death flag in the past!

We have explained the events leading up to Nanami’s death scene.

In fact, Nanami has fought Mahito twice in the story, and even then there was a scene that raised the death flag.

In this section, we will look back at the first death flag scene of Nanami.

Nanami’s first death flag was when Mahito conducted domain expansion “Self embodiment of perfection”.

Nanami's first death flag was when Mahito conducted domain expansion (C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

In the 30th chapter of the 4th volume of the manga, during the cooperative fighting between Yuji and Nanami to beat up Mahito, then he activated his domain expansion “Self embodiment of perfection“.

As mentioned above, Mahito’s technique is an instant death attack called “Idle transfiguration“, and its only weakness is that it can only be activated by touching the opponent.

However, since the technique becomes a must-hit when in the domain expansion, Mahito wins the moment he pulls his opponent into the “Self embodiment of perfection“, and the opponent who is pulled into the envelope is certain to die.


Then Nanami was pulled into “Self embodiment of perfection” and said one word, “Shit”, and remembers the past with a running memory, and the death flag was raised.

Nanami’s death flag: he saw the flash back.

Nanami's death flag: he saw the flash back.(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

In the 30th chapter of volume 4 of the manga, Nanami saw a flash back and the death flag was raised.


What Nanami remembers here was the time when he was working in a securities company as an ordinary adult after leaving the magic technical college.

When he was in his second year at the college, his best friend Yu Haibara died during the mission, and Nanami was fed up with his life as a sorcerer, so he decided to leave the jujutsu world and enjoy his life in a low-cost country after earning some money by the age of 30-40.


The reason why Nanami mentioned about “Kuantan, Malaysia” in the scene of his death is because he still had this idea in his mind.

Nanami met the bakery worker in the past.

When Nanami was working in a securities company, he used to go to a bakery every day to buy his favourite food, Casse-Croute.

The bakery clerk remembered Nanami’s face because he bought Casse-Croute every time and they started to have a normal conversation.

Then she had a low-grade cursed spirit called “fly head” on her shoulder, but Nanami thought it was too much trouble to exorcise it and be thought of as a weird medium, so he left it alone.


Then, when Nanami, who had become a worker like a slave due to all-night shifts and hard work, was buying a Casse-Croute at a bakery as usual, he saw her who was tired from the effects of the fly head and suddenly thought

  • Honestly, even if I’m not there, nobody will be bothered.
  • But if bakeries disappear, people who want to eat bread will be troubled.
  • Yet a job like mine pays better.

This is the dark side of capitalism.


She said, “Y-You’re showing off!” and didn’t understand what Nanami said actually.

Nanamin came to the conclusion that he wanted to do a job that people need and that people appreciate.


Then Nanami exorcised the fly head that had been haunting the her shoulders and quickly left the shop before she got suspicious.

After that, she came up behind him and said,


Nanami met the bakery worker in the past.(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Thank you!!!
Please come again!(Afte she saw Nanamin who doesn’t reply)
What? Can he not hear me?!
Thank you!!!

She shouted and said thanks to Nanamin. With these words, Nanami was now ready to call Gojo and return as a sorcerer.

Nanami’s death flag “I have no regrets”.

Nanami's death flag (C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Up to this point, this is the flash back that Nanami was seeing.

In reality, it was a scene of death in the next moment, as Mahito was developing domain expansion of instant death in front of him.

In response to Mahito’s words “Right now I’m just tahnkful to you”, Nanami thought of the bakery clerk and said

That’s no need for that.
I have already received gratitude from many people
I have no regrets.

At this time, Yuji Itadori intervened in Mahito’s domain, which (automatically) touched the Sukuna inside Yuji, and Mahito was cut down.


In this scene where Nanami’ death flag was completely raised, Nanami successfully broke the flag and came back alive.

Because of this death flag avoidance, we thought that Nanami would be able to live forever though…

[Jujutsu Kaisen] Nanamin’ll be back in the future? The truth behind the death scene

We’ve talked about Nanami’s death scene and the first death flag in the beginning of the story.

Looking back at the death scene in Shibuya Incident, there are some people on the internet who believed that Nanami is actually alive and that he will come back to life.

This is probably a hypothesis that was created because people can’t accept the reality of Nanami’s death, but let’s take a look at the possibility of Nanami’s survival.

Is Nanami alive because of Arata Nitta’s technique?

Is Nanami alive because of Arata Nitta's technique?(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Arata Nitta, a first year student at the Kyoto school, was rushing to the Shibuya Incident.

Arata Nitta’s technique is to “prevent any further deterioration of wounds or symptoms“.

This stopped Yuji Itadori’s wounds from worsening, and he also gave the same treatment to Nobara Kugisaki, who was still in cardiopulmonary arrest, leaving her with a chance of resuscitation.


Then, what about Nanami, because the upper half of his body including his head was popped due to Mahito’s “Idle transfiguration“, there is no way for Arata Nitta’s technique to help him.

Therefore, Arata’s ability will not be able to save Nanamin (Nanami Kento).

Does Nanami survive by Shoko Ieiri’s reversal technique?

Does Nanami survive by Shoko Ieiri's reversal technique?(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

When it comes to healing and resuscitation, this is the man from the Tokyo technical college, Shoko Ieri.

Shoko is able to heal other people’s wounds by using a reversal technique. This is an extremely rare ability, and not even Satoru Gojo can do it.

Satoru Gojo can also use the reversal technique, so he can heal his own body, but he can’t heal other people’s bodies. That’s why Shoko’s ability is so valuable.

Her ability allows her to save people who are seriously injured, even those who are about to die, if she can do so in time.


But what about Nanami, he couln’t resuscitate a body that had been torn apart without a trace.

Therefore, no matter how we think about it, the theory of Nanami’s survival seems to be difficult.

Conclusion of “[Jujutsu Kaisen] Nanami’s death scene in chapter 120! Is he back in the future?”

In this article, I explained about the death scene of Kento Nanami in Jujutsu Kaisen.

To be honest, the death scene is a hard fact for Nanami fans to accept, and in chapter 120 when the death scene was shown, there was a lot of screaming and lamenting on social media.

It’s hard to relax because the main characters in the show die without mercy…

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