[Jujutsu Kaisen] Maki Zen’in is cute! cool scenes and her voice actor!

Jujutsu Kaisen Maki's cute scenes Maki Zenin

In this article we will introduce the profile of Maki Zen’in from Jujutsu Kaisen, a summary of her cute scenes, and her voice actor.

Maki Zen’in is a second year student at the Tokyo magic technical college, and she’s a relatively popular character.

Although she talks like a man, she has a typical elder sisterly personality, is tall, stylish, cute and beautiful, and is loved by Kugisaki.

We’ll start with a detailed profile of Maki Zen’in, and then look back at some of the cutest scenes from the story.

What you can learn from this article
  • The profile of Maki Zen’in
  • The cute scenes of Maki Zen’in
  • The voice actor of Maki Zen’in

This article contains spiler of Jujutsu-Kaisen

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[Jujutsu Kaisen] Profile of Maki Zen’in! Age, birthday, height, weight, voice actress and more!

Here is a list of the profiles of Maki Zen’in.

Maki was involved with Yuta Okkotsu at the beginning of volume 0, but after that she has become much more rounded and takes care of the underclassmen in her second year.

She has a good relationship with the members of Tokyo school except when Panda often teases her about Yuta Okkotsu and they get into fights.


Maki also dislikes being called by her surname “Zen’in” and generally calls others by their first names.

When she was in the Zen’in family, she was a chore and errand girl, and after she left the family, her grade has always been 4th grade due to the interference of the Zen’in family.

Because of this, Maki does not like to be called by her surname, which is probably the reason why she calls people by their first names.

name Maki Zen’in
age 16
birthday Jan. 20
height/weight about 170cm/unknown
belongs Tokyo
Magic technical college
year student
grade 4th grade
technique none
personality manly
remarks She likes Yuta Okkotsu?
favourite food Junk food
voice actor Mikako Komatsu
Allegra Clark


[Jujutsu Kaisen] A list of the cute scenes of Maki from the spellcasting series!

Here are some of the most popular scenes in the series, along with the volumes and stories in which she appears.

Jujutsu Kaisen is mainly a battle story, and the fighting is very pure, so there is almost no romantic element.

However, Maki is one of those rare characters that you can see a glimpse of (although she denies it) due to the suspicion that she has a special thinking to Okkotsu, as pointed out by Panda.

Let’s start with the description of Jujutsu Kaisen volume 0.

Maki likes Yuta Okkotsu? (Vol. 0, chapter 2)

Maki likes Yuta Okkotsu? (Vol. 0, chapter 2)(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Maki Zen’in appears in volume 0 of Jujutsu Kaisen as a classmate of Yuta Okkotsu.

When she first met Yuta, they got into a bit of a tangle, but in the second chapter of volume 0, she gradually got to know him by accompanying him on a training session.

In the second chapter of volume 0, they gradually got to know each other.


By the way, Panda, who was struck by a revelation (in vain), wastes his wit and suddenly asks Yuta, “Which do you like a big-breasted girl or a small-breasted girl?“.

The panda sends Maki a big sign of “You’ve got a chance with him.” with both hands.

After this, Maki and Panda fight and deny it with all their might, which is a cute scene, but the later description shows that she is not completely off the mark.

Maki and Yuta Okkotsu again (vol. 0, chapter 3)

Maki and Yuta Okkotsu again (vol. 0, chapter 3)(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

In the third chapter of volume 0 of the manga, Yuta and Maki are away from the front line while a number of sorcerers deal with the “Night parade of a hundred demons” that occurred simultaneously in Shinjuku and Kyoto.

Here Maki talks to Yuta about the reason why she is called “a failure of the Zen’in family“.


Maki was born with no spell power, so she can’t even see the curse, and without a cursedl tool she can’t fight the spirits.

Even so, Maki’s reason for continuing to work as a sorcerer is “to become a first-grade sorcerer and return to the Zen’in family and get them back.”.

Yuta admires Maki’s aggressiveness and straightforwardness.

I want to be like you, Maki.
I want to live a strong and straight life.

He says.

For Maki, who has never been treated like a human being in the Zen’in family, Yuta’s words are the first time she feels accepted by others.

At this time, she leaves the classroom quickly, but her expression of happiness is very cute.

Maki with her hair down (vol. 0, last chapter)

Maki with her hair down (vol. 0, last chapter)(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

This scene is from the last chapter of volume 0 of the manga, after Yuta defeats Geto.

Maki, Inumaki, and Panda were seriously injured in the battle with Geto, but they were healed by Yuta’s reversal technique.

At the same time, Maki is wearing her hair down instead of a ponytail in this rare scene.

Maki’s hair is straight, and even with her hair down, her straight long hair looks cute in this scene.

Is Maki honest in front of Yuta Okkotsu? (Vol. 2, chapter 10)

Is Maki honest in front of Yuta Okkotsu? (Vol. 2, chapter 10)(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

In the 10th chapter of the 2nd volume of the manga, Maki, Inumaki and Panda made their first appearance since the 0th volume of Jujutsu Kaisen.

At that time, Yuji Itadori had died due to Sukuna’s outburst, and Megumi Fushiguro and Kugisaki were in the twilight.

Then Maki, who didn’t know the situation at all, called out to them, “What is this, a funeral?“, and was chided by Panda and Inumaki.


The panda is curious about the relationship between Maki and Yuta in Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 0, and again mutters, “When she’s with Yuta, she’s kind of nice.”.

It seems that after the last chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen volume 0, there was another scene where Maki and Yuta were close to each other.

They are good friends in Tokyo school. (Vol. 2, chapter 13)

They are good friends in Tokyo school. (Vol. 2, chapter 13)(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

The second year students of the Tokyo school (and Megumi and Wild Rose being thrown away) are shown in the door picture of the 13th chapter of the second volume of the manga.

If you look at the Kyoto school, you can see that the relationship between the two students is rather strained, but at least the second year students at the Tokyo school get along well.

Maki often smiles when she trains with Megumi and Kugisaki, and this smile is both cute and scary.

Maki is also beautiful without glasses (vol. 3, chapter 18)

Maki is also beautiful without glasses (vol. 3, chapter 18)(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

This is the scene in the 18th chapter of the third volume of the manga, where Maki is talking to Kugisaki.

Maki’s younger sister, Mai Zen’in, mentions that Maki has no cursed power, and Kugisaki asks her about it.

Maki’s glasses are not for correcting her eyesight, but for “seeing the curse”, and without these glasses Maki can’t even see the curse spirit.

Therefore, she always wears these glasses on a daily basis.

This is the only time she takes off her glasses, which is very unusual, but she looks cute without them.

Maki is  too strong. (vol. 5, chapter 40)

Maki is too strong. (vol. 5, chapter 40)(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

In chapter 40 of volume 5 of the manga, Maki engages Miwa of the Kyoto school in the goodwill event.

Fushiguro says that Maki is “the best student when it comes to handling cursed tools”, and because of her demon-like physical abilities due to the heavenly binding curse, she is very strong in close combat.

Miwa’s prey is a smaller sword, but Maki, wielding a large sword, is swinging too fast to even get close.

Maki’s appearance is cute, but when it comes to combat, every movement she makes is very cool and masterful.

Maki vs Mai (vol. 5, chapter 41)

Maki vs Mai (vol. 5, chapter 41)(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

In chapter 41-42 of volume 5 of the manga, there is a scene of a confrontation between Maki and Mai.

At this time, Mai is still at the peak of her resentment towards Maki, so both sisters have to fight hard.

Maki’s sword and Mai’s revolver both look great, as do their black uniforms.

Both sisters are tall, stylish and cute, so they look great standing side by side.

Maki is cute when she was a child. (vol. 5, chapter 42)

Maki is cute when she was a child. (vol. 5, chapter 42)(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

In the 42nd chapter of the 5th volume of the manga, we see a reminiscence of Maki and Mai’s childhood.

The Zen’in family, one of the three families of the sorcery world, is

If you are not a Zen’in, you are not a sorcerer.
If you are not a sorcerer, you are not a human being.

So Mai, who has not inherited the technique of the Zen’in family, is treated coldly.

And Maki, who has not only no magic power, is not even treated as a human being in her childhood.


Anyway the two of them are cute even when they are small.

The special grade cursed tood “Playful Cloud” (Vol. 6, chapter 46)

The special grade cursed tood (C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

In the middle of the goodwill event, Hanami and the curse users attacked the technical college.

In the 46th chapter of the 6th volume of the manga, Maki rushes to Hanami’s side, and together with Megumi Fushiguro they face each other.


The sword she borrowed from Miwa was smashed in one hit, but after that she confronted him with the special grade cursed tool “Playful Cloud“, which she had hidden in the shadows under Megumi’s technique.

It is too cool that Maki can use not only a sword and a big sword but also a three-sectioned cudgel despite her cute appearance.


Incidentally, “Playful Cloud” was once owned by Toji Zen’in (Toji Fushiguro), after Toji’s death it was owned by Geto, and after Geto’s death it was used by Maki.

Playful Cloud” has many appearances in the story, and the users of “Playful Cloud” have many connections with each other.

The baseball girl (Vol. 7, chapter 53-54)

The baseball girl (Vol. 7, chapter 53-54)(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Due to the attack by the Hanami, the goodwill event was interrupted and a baseball game was held as a continuation in the 53rd and 54th chapters of volume 7 of the manga.

In the past, this would have been an individual game, but due to Gojo’s whim, it became a baseball game, with Maki pitching for the Tokyo school.

She’s got a lot of athleticism due to the “heavenly binding curse”, so it looks like she throws a lot of balls.

She is one of the few baseball girls in Jujutsu Kaisen, and her outfit is very cute.

“Playful Cloud” again (Vol. 13, chapter 109)

(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

This is the scene of the battle with Dagon in chapter 109 of volume 13 of the manga.

Dagon, who is a special grade cursed spirit, is drawn into his domain expansion “Horizon of the captivating skandha” and is in desperate straits, but Maki receives the special grade cursed tool “Playful Cloud” from Fushiguro and fights back.

Incidentally, Toji Fushiguro intervened in the battle against Dagon and used “Playful Cloud” to exorcise Dagon alone.

“Playful Cloud” is always in the hands of those who are related to the Zen’in family.

[Jujutsu Kaisen] Maki Zen’in and Mai Zen’in are cute and beautiful twin sisters!

[Jujutsu Kaisen] Maki Zen'in and Mai Zen'in are cute and beautiful twin sisters!(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

As mentioned earlier, Maki and Mai are twin sisters.

Maki goes to school in Tokyo and Mai goes to school in Kyoto, and at the beginning of the story there is a lot of tension between them.

However, after Mai reveals her true feelings during a battle at the goodwill event, the two sisters are able to reconcile and the mood is not as bad as it used to be.


Although they have completely different personalities and ways of speaking, they are both tall (around 170cm) and cute twin sisters with the style of a model.

As for Mai, when Aoi Todo took her to a “Takada-chan handshake event”, Takada-chan fans were buzzing with excitement at Mai’s cute good looks.

[Jujutsu Kaisen] The voice actress of Maki Zen’in is also cute! Voiced by Mikako Komatsu and Allegra Clark.

The voice actress for Maki Zen’in is Mikako Komatsu.

Mikako Komatsu has been the voice actress for many major characters in many anime series, and there is a video which contains many scenes of Maki Zen’in.

Mikako Komatsu’s voice is very masculine and confident, which fits Maki’s image perfectly.

Also, Allegra Clark is acts Zen’in Maki in the English version of Jujutsu Kaisen anime.

Conclusion of “[Jujutsu Kaisen] Maki Zen’in is cute! cool scenes and her voice actor!”

In this article, we have explained the profile of Maki Zen’in from Jujutsu Kaisen, a summary of her cute scenes, and her voice actor.

Maki is tall and stylish, beautiful and cute, and her personality is manly and her speech is masculine, which makes her cute but also very popular among women.

As a sorceress, she is still at the 4th grade due to the interference of Zen’in family, but depending on her future activities, she may finally see her promotion.

Hopefully, she will survive from now on.

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