[Jujutsu Kaisen] Kasumi Miwa’s technique “New Shadow Style”! How’s its strength & abilities?

Jujutsu Kaisen Miwa's cursed technique Kasumi Miwa

This article describes Kasumi Miwa‘s technique and strength, “New Shadow Style”, simple domain in the Jujutsu Kaisen.

The strength of Miwa’s “New Shadow Style” was described at the exchange meeting between the Tokyo and Kyoto colleges.

Until then, she had only been depicted as wearing a sword belt and as a meek girl who begged for a picture of Satoru Gojo.

But despite her cute appearance, she has a martial fighting style.

We’ll start with a profile of Kasumi Miwa, including her techniques and other information.

What you can learn from this article
  • Profile of Kasumi Miwa
  • Kasumi Miwa’s techniques
  • Kasumi Miwa’s physical and fighting abilities

This article contains spiler of Jujutsu-Kaisen

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[Jujutsu Kaisen] Profile of Miwa Kasumi! Technique, simple domain, grade, age, birthday, height, weight, voice actor etc!

Here isa list of profiles of Kasumi Miwa.

Kasumi Miwa is a student at the Kyoto magic technical college, and although she doesn’t appear in the story as often as the main character, Yuji Itadori, she is a memorable character in many ways.

And her technique is “New Shadow Style“, so she alway has a sword.

name Kasumi Miwa
age 17
birthday April. 4
school grade 2nd grade student
belongs Kyoto, the magic technical college
grade of shaman 3rd grade shaman
technique New Shadow Style
Simple domain
height/weight unknown
personality kind
voice actor Chinatsu Akasaki


[Jujutsu Kaisen] Miwa Kasumi’s technique!  “New Shadow Style” and simple domain!

Next, we will discuss Kasumi Miwa’s “New Shadow Style”.

Due to the nature of Miwa Kasumi’s “Shin Inryu”, she is basically supposed to carry a sword. She always wears a sword during missions and training, not to mention in everyday life.

Apart from Miwa Kasumi, Kusakabe Atsuya, the second year teacher at Tokyo School, is also a Shin Inryu user and always carries a sword on his hip.

Kasumi Miwa’s “New Shadow Style”

Kasumi Miwa's (C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

In volume 5, chapter 35, Kasumi Miwa’s “New Shadow Style” was shown for the first time.

New Shadow Style is a technique that can be acquired through hard work, even if there is no scarred technique on your body.


Miwa was recruited to become a shaman by the supreme master of New Shadow Style during her part-time job in the first year of junior high school.

So it is assumed that she does not have the innate technique, but she can fight as a shaman by learning New Shadow Style.

Kasumi Miwa’s “Simple Domain”

Kasumi Miwa's (C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

In chapter 35 and 40 of volume 5, Kasumi Miwa uses the “New Shadow Style, simple domain“.


The New Shadow Style’s simple domain is “the territory created to protect oneself from domain expansion”.

It is less difficult than domain expansion, and it does not require a huge amount of spell power.

It creates a small area around the shaman who deploys the simple domain and nullifies the inevitable effect of the opponent’s domain expansion.


Also It can be used to counter an opponent who enters the simple area with the arts of New Shadow Style.

In chapter 35 and 40 of volume 5, Kasumi Miwa deploys a “simple domain” and automatically counter-slashes any opponent who steps into the area with the arts of New Shadow Style “Batto sword drawing“.

However, the first time was ducked by Yuji, and the second time was unsuccessful because simple area was released by Maki’s decoy with a hidden weapon.


The first time she used it on Yuji, the principal of the Kyoto school, Yoshinobu Gakuganji, had ordered the members to kill Yuji, and the Kyoto school members attacked him.

However, Miwa was not at all keen on the idea, so she did not use her sword speed.

Kasumi Miwa’s domain expansion

Miwa’s domain expansion has not appeared in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Domain expansion is much more difficult than simple domain, and the consumption of spell power consumed is overwhelming.

Among the members of students, Megumi Fushiguro uses domain expansion though, he can only use it for a short time due to the ridiculously large spell power consumption.


In the future, it will be interesting to see how she develops.
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Atsuya Kusakabe is also “New Shadow Style” user!

Atsuya Kusakabe is also (C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

In the 114th chapter of the 13th volume of the manga, it is shown that Atuya Kusakabe, a 2nd year teacher at the Tokyo college, is also New Shadow Style user.

Kusakabe is a first-grade shaman, so he is definitely strong, and Miwa will aim to become a New Shadow Style master like Kusakabe in the future.


By the way, in chapter 88 of volume 10 of the manga, Mei Mei says to Yuji as “You are good enough to be a first grade already. I haven’t seen anyone get this far without using any techniques since Kusakabe.“.

Conversely, Kusakabe also has considerable fighting power without a technique.

Ui Ui is also “New Shadow Style” user!

Ui Ui is also (C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

In the 102nd chapter of the 12th volume of the manga, Mei Mei’s younger brother, Ui-Ui, also uses New Shadow Style of “simple domain”.

Although Ui Ui is not a student at the college, Mei Mei sometimes takes him along on missions.

His role is to use New Shadow Style “Simple domain” for counter measure of domain expansion, so it is likely that he accompanies Mei-mei on missions that are particularly dangerous or where there is a strong opponent.

[Jujutsu Kaisen] Strength and ability of “New Shadow Style” of Kasumi Miwa!

So far, we have explained about Miwa’s New Shadow Style.

From here, let’s take a closer look at how strong, physically strong, and battle-worthy Kasumi Miwa is in actual combat, based on the battle scenes in her works.

Kasumi Miwa’s physical strength and fighting ability

Kasumi Miwa's physical strength and fighting ability(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

The main battle scenes of Kasumi Miwa are during the exchange meeting, among which she shows her strength in the battle with Maki Zen’in in the 40th chapter of the 5th volume of the manga.

As it turns out, Miwa was completely defeated in the battle against Maki, and in the end her sword was taken by Maki.


However, since Maki’s physical ability is at an inhuman level due to the effects of “Heavenly binding curse“, she would have been at a disadvantage in head-on melee combat.

In the future, it will be a challenge for Miwa to improve the physical ability, because her physical ability and combat ability are at a very normal level for a shaman.

Miwa Kasumi’s sword

Miwa Kasumi's sword(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Miwa’s sword was robbed and taken away by Maki.

Then, in the 46th chapter of the 6th volume of the manga, Maki attacked Hanami with Miwa’s sword, but Hanami didn’t even get a scratch on it and it was easily broken.

Hanami even said, “You can’t cut me with such a sword.”.


In the exchange meeting, Miwa was not able to play an active role at all and was put to sleep by Toge Inumaki.

And her sword was broken while he was sleeping. What a pitty.

[Jujutsu Kaisen] How strong is Miwa?

[Jujutsu Kaisen] How strong is Miwa?(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

In volume 5, chapter 43, Kasumi Miwa is at her wits’ end after Maki steals her sword, and answers a phone call from Mecha-maru with a self-deprecating “Hello, Miwa the useless here“.

If you only look at the results of the exchange meeting, you’ll see that her self-assessment is correct.

However, since the opponents at the exchange meeting were two physical monsters, Yuji Itadori and Maki Zen’in, it was unavoidable that they had such a good record.


Although Miwa seems to have grown up after the exchange meeting, her strength is still not good enough to play an active role in a big event like Shibuya Incident.

We look forward to seeing how she develops in the future.

[Jujutsu Kaisen] Kasumi Miwa Kasumi’s voice actor is Chinatsu Akasaki

Miwa’s voice actor is Chinatsu Akasaki. She does a great job of acting the two sides of Miwa’s personality, the front face and the inner face, and here is a video of Miwa talking.

The voice quality of Miwa’s poker face and Miwa’s meek mode are very different, but the voice actor who plays them separately is superb!

Conclusion of “[Jujutsu Kaisen] Kasumi Miwa’s technique “New Shadow Style”! How’s its strength & abilities?”

In this article, I explained about Kasumi Miwa’s technique “New Shadow Style”, simple domain, strength, and ability in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Miwa’s role in the story is more of a comforting and soothing one than a combatant, but we can look forward to seeing her use New Shadow Style in combat like Kusakabe in the future.

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