[Jujutsu Kaisen] Domain expansions list! The sorcerers, the effects, the names are shown!

Jujutsu Kaisen all domain expansion Jujutsu Kaisen list

In this article, we will explain the names, effects and types of domain expansion of all the characters in Jujutsu Kaisen, as well as the meanings of hand shapes and domain expansions in the anime version.

In Jujutsu Kaisen, domain expansion is a special technique of the sorcerer, and the number of sorcerers who can use it is extremely limited in the story. So Satoru Gojo calls it as “A high-end jujutsu battle”.

At first, let’s take a look the summary of domain expansion, then a list of all the characters’ domain expansion.

What you can learn from this article
  • Outline of domain expansion
  • All domain expanding in the story
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Domain Expansion and how to deal with it
  • What is “simple domain” and “domain amplification”?
  • What is the meaning of the hand shape in domain expansion?

This article contains spiler of Jujutsu-Kaisen

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[Jujutsu Kaisen] What is “domain expansion”?

[Jujutsu Kaisen] What is (C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Domain expansion is high-end technique for sorcerers, and is explained by Satoru Gojo in the 15th chapter of the 2nd volume of the manga as follows

An environment constructed with cursed energy and manifested through a cursed technique.

By drawing the opponent into the domain of innate power, as Gojo said, you will be able to gain an extreme advantage in battle.


First of all, about the “cursed technique”, it is that activates the spell when the cursed energy is poured into the cursed technique.

In Jujutsu Kaisen, Satoru Gojo uses the analogy of “cursed technique is electronics, cursed energy is electricity“.

Take a hoover for example.

the cursed energy (electricity) is poured into the cursed technique (hoover),
and the cu is activated jujutsu(the hoover moves).

As the type of cursed technique varies from shaman to shaman, so does the variety of jujutsu that can be performed.


the (C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Also, the “innate domain” is simply the “inside of the mind of the sorcerer”.

In the manga, Sukuna’s innate domain is depicted in the 10th-11th chapter of volume 2.

Here, the definition of domain expansion was reiterated as follows.

Constructing the innate domain with a cursed technique in the real world

So, in other words, domain expansion means “building the mind of the sorcerer into the real world with the cursed energy”.


Domain expansion has a great advantage in battle, but it also has a disadvantage. We will also explain how to deal with it later.

[Jujutsu Kaisen] List of types, names and sorcerers of domain expansion!

Here is a list of the visuals and names of domain expansion in Jujutsu Kaisen, according to the sorcerer who handles them.

As explained earlier, domain expansion is “the construction of the mind of the sorcerer in the real world”, so the effect and design of it changes depending on the sorcerer.

However, the number of users is quite small, because domain expansion itself is a extremely high-level technique.

Ryomen-Sukuna: “Malevolent shrine”

Ryomen-Sukuna: (C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Ryomen-Sukuna’s domain expansion is “Malevolent shrine“.

In the manga, it is invoked in volume 2, chapter 8, and in Volume 14, chapter 118-119, to shred the opponents by Sukuna’s techniques of ‘Dismantle‘ and ‘Cleave‘.


Also, one of the great features of “Malevolent shrine“, which is not found in other domain expansion, is that it does not divide the space.

In a normal domain expansion, the opponent is completely separated from the outside world, so they can’t get out.

However, “Malevolent shrine” does not divide the outside world, so theoretically the opponent can escape from the domain.

But the range of “Malevolent shrine” is up to 200m in radius, and within this domain, a rain of slashes will inevitably fall on you, killing you instantly before you can escape.

Satoru Gojo: “Unlimited void”

Satoru Gojo: (C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Satoru Gojo’s domain expansion is “Unlimited void“. It was activated in the 15th chapter of the 2nd volume of the manga and the 89th chapter of the 11th volume of the manga.

The brain of a person in this domain is forced to “perceive and transmit infinitely many times”.

This means that the information is not completed forever and the brain cannot process it fully and stops functioning.

In the case of a computer, this is like freezing up after starting up too many heavy processes.


In this way, the brain of the person in the domain becomes frozen and completely defenceless (no exception is made for humans or cursed spirits).

Therefore, “the moment you pull your opponent into the domain, you win“, which is a cheat specification typical of Satoru Gojo.

Megumi Fushiguro: “Chimera shadow garden”

Megumi Fushiguro: (C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Megumi Fushiguro’s domain expansion is “Chimera shadow garden“. In the manga, it was activated in chapter 58 of volume 7 during a battle with a special grade cursed spirit.

In this domain, the ground is covered with a black sea of shadows, allowing for a variety of attacks.

  • Increase Megumi’s physical attack power.
  • Numerous Shikigami emerge from the shadows.
  • Create Megumi’s own doppelganger in the shadows

Megumi is still first year student at the magic technical college and this was his first time to conduct domain expansion, so it is still incomplete.

However, this “Chimera shadow garden” is the decisive factor to exorcise the special grade cursed spirit, and it was the scene which shows the greatness of domain expansion again.

Jogo: “Conffin of the iron mountain”

Jogo: (C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Domain expansion of Jogo is “Conffin of the iron mountain“. In the manga, it was used against Satoru Gojo in the 15th chapter of the 2nd volume.

Inside the domain is a scorching world of magma, like the crater of a volcano.


At this time, Satoru Gojo brought Yuji Itadori as an observer, and Yuji felt extremely hot in the area.

Actually Yuji was protected by Satoru Gojo’s “Limitless cursed technique”, so he was only injured to such an extent.

But an ordinary sorcerer would have burned to death in an instant just by entering “Conffin of the iron mountain“.


In the end, Jogo was defeated and beaten up by Gojo’s domain expansion “Unlimited void“.

In fact, if Jogo deployed “Conffin of the iron mountain“, almost all of the sorcerers would have burned to death, but this time, his opponent was too bad.

Mahito: “Self embodiment of perfection”

Mahito: (C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Mahito’s domain expansion is “Self embodiment of perfection“. It was activated in the manga volume 4, chapters 29-30, chapters 81-82, and chapter 130.

Since Mahito’s technique “Idle transfiguration” has the effect of almost instant death if touched by the hand, the image of “Mahito touching with the hand” is embodied in “Self embodiment of perfection” and there are countless hands.

In chapter 82 of volume 10 of the manga, Kokichi Muta was protected by the thick armor of “Ultimate Mecha Maru Absolute Form” though, Mahito was able to expand his domain, so there is basically no defense.


The only exception is Yuji Itadori, who coexists with Sukuna, cannot be defeated by ‘Idle transfiguration’.

Mahito once tried to use “Idle transfiguration” on Yuji too, but since touching Sukuna’s soul, he was cut by Sukuna.
Jujutsu Kaisen, Mahito’s technique and domain expansion!


Hanami's domain expansion(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Hanami can also use domain expansion, and she tried to activate it in the 51st chapter of the 6th volume of the manga. However, at that time, she didn’t activate it.

Incidentally, the name of Hanami’s domain expansion was revealed in the official fan book and it is called “Dai Kokai” in Japanese.


This time, Hanami and his allies lowered the curtain to keep Gojo out of the magic technical college.

And then, Hanami fought with Yuji and Todo, and when he was cornered, he almost activated domain expansion, but at that moment, the curtain was released and Satoru Gojo joined the fight.

“It’s impossible to fight with Gojo.” Hanami said, suspending dimain expansion and retreating.


Incidentally, just before Hanami activated her domain expansion, she was preparing to launch the special supell which absorbs the life of the surrounding plants, transforms it into cursed power, and attacks with enormous cursed energy.

If Gojo had appeared later and Hanami’s domain expansion had been activated, her spell would have been a guaranteed hit, and Yuji and Todo might have died.

Dagon: “Horizon of the Captivating Skandha”

Dagon: (C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Dagon’s domain expansion is “Horizon of the Captivating Skandha“. In the story, it was activated in the 107th chapter of the 13th volume of the manga.

As he is the cursed spirit of the sea, Dagon’s domain is a seaside scene like a resort.

Although the scenery is tranquil, it is a terrifying domain where giant fish-shaped Shikigami are endlessly generated and keep attacking by Dagon’s spell “Death swarm“.


There are no field effects, such as being burnt to death just by being in doman, as in the case of  “Conffin of the iron mountain” of Jogo.

On the other hand, Dagon’s “Horizon of the Captivating Skandha” is far more vast than the other domains, and can be drawn into the domain from a considerable distance away from the opponent.

Smallpox deity

Smallpox deity's domain expansion(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Smallpox deity, who is summoned by Geto(Kenjaku) also can use domain expansion.

The name of domain expansion has not been revealed, but it is a special domain that is typical of a disease-type of special grade cursed spirit.

  1. Lock the opponent in a coffin
  2. When Smallpox deity claps her hands with her fists, a huge gravestone falls on the coffin and buries the coffin in the ground.
  3. The count of three begins
  4. If the oppnent doesn’t escape from the coffin within the count of three, he/she will die of pox.

(1) “Binding to the coffin” and (2) “Dropping the gravestone” are inevitable effects of domain expansion, so they cannot be avoided.

Therefore, to defeat Smallpox deity, you must escape the coffin within the count of three, and then attack in the few moments before you are trapped in the coffin again.


Mei Mei didn’t do this, but played together with Ui Ui to defeat her.

  • Let Ui Ui be locked in the coffin.
  • In the coffin, Ui Ui activates the “simple domain” to nullify the must hit effect of domain expansion.
  • In the meantime, Mei Mei attacks Smallpox deity.

The “simple domain” is one of countermeasures to the opponent’s domain expansion. The details will be explained in the next chapter.

Hiromi Higuruma “Deadly Sentencing”

Hiromi Higuruma (C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Hiromi Higuruma deals with domain expansion “Deadly Sentencing“.

A courtroom is held in the domain, where Higuruma is the “prosecutor” and his opponent is the “suspect”, and the spirit behind Higuruma is the “judge-man”.

The rules are as follows

  • “No violence” in the domain
  • Judge man knows everything about everyone in the domain.
  • This information will not be shared with Hiromi Higuruma.
  • Judgement is based on the claims of the suspect and Hiromi Higuruma
  • The Judge man can hand over the “evidence” to Hiromi Higuruma.
  • The suspect must give his side of the story to clear his suspicion and be found “not guilty”.
  • If he is found guilty, his cursed technique is confiscated.

Unlike the other domains, this is not a “must kill” type of domain, and depending on his opponent’s strategy, he/she can get away with no damage.

However, if he/she is found guilty, your cursed technique will be confiscated, so Higuruma can still overwhelm his opponent.

[Jujutsu Kaisen] List of effects, merits and demerits of domain expansion and how to deal with it!

We have presented a list of names and characteristics of domain expansion for each sorcerer.

Domain expansion is a profound skill for a sorcerer, and while it has great advantages in battle, it also has disadvantages.

In this section, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of domain expansion and how to deal with domains.

Advantages of domain expansion

Advantages of domain expansion(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

One of the benefits of domain expansion is the “status increase in the domain“. Gojo describes it as “a buff in video game”, and within the domain.

And the biggest merit of domain expansion is that “Cursed technique deployed in the domain will always hit.“.

This means that even Gojo, who normally cannot be hit by any attacks due to his “Limitless cursed technique”, can be hit if he is within the domain.

Furthermore, if the cursed technique is an instant death attack, such as Mahito’s “Idle transfiguration”, it will become an “unavoidable instant death attack” once it is brought into the domain.


The merits of deploying the domain in the battle are extremely great, and you can basically gain an overwhelming advantage if you bring your opponent into the domain.

Disadvantages of domain expansion

Disadvantages of domain expansion(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

I have explained that domain expansion has a huge advantage in battle, but on the other hand, it has a huge disadvantage, that is “huge amount of cursed energy consumption“.

Unless the user is an extraordinary being like Sukuna or Gojo, it is almost impossible to activate it again immediately after unleashing domain expansion.

The first time Megumi Fushiguro invoked it, he used up all his cursed energy and fainted from exhaustion.


Furthermore, in the 82nd chapter of the 10th volume of the manga, even Mahito mentioned that the cursed energy consumption of activating the domain expansion once is overwhelming.

Mahito said, “I can recover just fine in those 10 days.“. But in other words, it will take 10 days to recover the cursed energy consumed by domain expansion.

So even a special grade cursed spirit can’t activate it in a day.

List of ways to deal with domain expansion

If you are pulled into the opponent’s domain, you will face an extremely tough battle due to their increased status and ‘must-hit’ cursed techniques.

However, it’s not the end once you’ve been pulled into the domain expansion, and there are several ways to deal with it.

Conducting domain expansion, too.

Conducting domain expansion, too.(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

The most practical and effective way of dealing with the domain is “to deploy your domain too“.

If the two domains are deployed at the same time, the more sophisticated sorcerer’s domain will dominate the field.

And if your domain is stronger, you will be able to neutralize the opponent’s domain and bring it into your domain.

By the way, if your opponent’s sorcerer is more sophisticated than yours, you will not be able to dominate the field even if you expand your domain.

However, it does have certain effects, such as removing the opponent’s special effect like ‘must-hit’, so it is not useless.


In the 109th chapter of the 13th volume of the manga, Megumi Fushiguro expanded his domain inside Dagon’s domain.

Although Megumi’s domain did not dominate the field due to Dajon’s superiority, it did counteract Dajon’s special effect of ‘must-hi’.

Conducting simple domain

Conducting simple domain(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

The second way to deal with domain expansion is to deploy the simple domain.

Simple domain is less difficult than domain expansion, and it is very versatile as a way to deal with the opponent’s domain expansion.

By deploying this simple domain, you can nullify the special effect of your opponent’s ‘must-hit’ technique.


However, since simple domain deploys a very small domain around the user’s body, it is only effective on the user himself.

This means that those who cannot use other simple domain will still be subject to the special effects of the opponent’s ‘must-hit’ technique.

Keeping on taking spells

As Gojo does in the domain of Jogo, it is also possible to use cursed spell to pass off an opponent’s ‘must-hit’ cursed technique.

However, unless there is a considerable difference in ability, it is not very realistic.

In fact, in Dagon’s domain, Kento Nanami and Maki Zen’in tried to do this, but they only realized it after they were hit by Dagon’s technique, so they couldn’t really pass it all off.

Running outside the domain

One way to deal with domain, which Gojo does not recommend, is “to run outside the domain“.

The reason why it’s not recommended is because you usually don’t know the size of your opponent’s domain or where the edge is.

Moreover, while you are looking for such things, you’ll be attacked by your opponent’s cursed techniques.


One of the few exceptions to this is in the 109th chapter of the manga volume 13, where Megumi Fushiguro made a hole in Dagon’s domain.

This is because Megumi came from outside the Dagon’s domain and knew the position of the edge of the domain.

[Jujutsu Kaisen] What are “simple domain” and “domain amplification”? Are they different from domain expansion?

So far, we have explained the list of domain expansions and how to deal with them, but in the story, there are its derivatives, “simple domain” and “domain amplification“.

These are not the same as domain expansion, and their difficulty level is different.

Here is an explanation of each of these terms, and some of the techniques that can be used.

What is “simple domain”?

What is (C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

We have already talked a little about the “simple domain“, but as the name suggests, it is a simple typee of domain expansion.

In the Heian period (794-1185), when sorcerers were at their peak, Sadatsuna Ashiya, the founder of New Shadow Style, developed a simple domain to protect his pupils from curse users and cursed spirits.

The “simple domain” is a very effective countermeasure to the opponent’s domain, and it is forbidden to pass on the technique outside.


In addition to the “simple domain” that has been handed down to New Shadow Style users, there is also a “simple domain handed down directly from Yuki Tsukumo” in the story. Aoi Todo has been taught the “simple domain” by Yuki.

It seems that the “simple domain” is handed down in various ways other than New Shadow Style.

List of users of “simple domain”

There are several practitioners of the simple domain who are not users of New Shadow Style. The following are some of the users who can use the simple domain.

  • Kasumi Miwa
  • koukichi Muta(limited number of times)
  • Atsuya Kusakabe
  • Ui Ui
  • Yuki Tsukumo
  • Aoi Toudou
  • The imaginary vengeful spirit of Geto


In the past episode, Geto's imaginary vengeful spirit was also using the simple domain.(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

In the past episode, Geto’s imaginary vengeful spirit was also using the simple domain.

This spirit asked “Am I pretty?“, then it is the simple domain that is inviolable until the answer is given.

If you give the wrong answer, you will be ripped apart with a giant pair of scissors.


There are various types of simple domains like this.

What is “domain amplification”?

Domain amplification” first appeared in chapter 84 of volume 10 of the manga.

Unlike domain expansion, which embodies the innate domain over a wide area, domain amplification builds the domain as if covering its own body with liquid.

In this way, it is possible to attack while neutralizing the opponent’s cursed technique.


In the story, Jogo and Hanami use it against Gojo, and they can neutralize Gojo’s absolute defense with “limitless cursed technique”.

In addition to this, the users can also protect theirselves from the attacks of their opponents by covering their body with domain amplification.


The disadvantage is that you can’t use both domain amplification and cursed technique at the same time.

Therefore, while deploying the domain amplification, you can basically only fight with simple bullets.

A list of users of “domain amplification”

A list of users of (C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

So far, only Jogo and Hanami have used the domain amplification.

The domain amplificationis a technique developed by the curse users as a countermeasure to Gojo’s “limitless cursed technique” during the Shibuya Incident, and Gojo actually acknowledged its effectiveness.

However, due to the overwhelming difference in strength between the cursed spirits and Gojo, they were eventually defeated by Gojo.

[Jujutsu Kaisen] What is the meaning of the hand shape and pose of domain expansion?

[Jujutsu Kaisen] What is the meaning of the hand shape and pose of domain expansion?(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

So far, we have explained the domain expansion of all characters, its merits and demerits, and how to deal with it.

One of the main features of the domain expansion in the story is that the user makes a special hand shape at the moment of activation.

This is not because they are trying to be cool, but because they need to make a ‘palm seal‘ when deploying the domain.

Even Sukuna and Gojo make ‘palm seal’, so it is an action that cannot be omitted in domain expansion.


in the case of Mahito, since he can change his body freely, he can make a 'palm seal' in his mouth.(C)Gege Akutami/Shueisha

Incidentally, in the case of Mahito, since he can change his body freely, he can make a ‘palm seal’ in his mouth.

In this way, he can trigger the domain expansion by surprise without showing your palm seal to his opponent.

[Jujutsu Kaisen] The anime version of domain expansion is cool!

The main feature of the development of the domain is the “embodiment of the innate domain”, which is even more beautifully depicted in the anime.

You can see the various domain expansions in the video above.

Conclusion of “[Jujutsu Kaisen] Domain expansions list! The sorcerers, the effects, the names are shown!”

In this article, we have explained the names, effects, and types of domain expansions of all the characters in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Domain expansion is like a special move in Jujutsu Kaisen, so if it is activated in the battle, the battle situation will move a lot.

Especially when the enemy deploys it, the feeling of despair is huge.

Also, you can see the innate domain (inside the mind) of the sorcerer in the domain expansion, so it’s interesting to watch it while imagining the state of mind of each character.

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